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July 25, 2019 - Lodgers Tax Advisory Board


THURSDAY 25 JULY 2019    1 PM

Grant Co. Office Complex, Silver City

1.  Department of Tourism Grant Award FY 2019-20

A.  Media Menu Plan (to be done by Sunny505)

  video production: Sunny505 is requesting our input and ideas

  still photography

  Tucson airport April 2020

  NM Magazine: half page ad Feb, Mar, Apr 2020

B.  Flex Plan (we pay and get 50% reimbursement)

  Tucson Streetcar: Aug/Sept/Oct  (we will do)

  Tucson Desert Leaf magazine:  July, Aug, Sept  (Sunny505 will do)

2.  Committee marketing FY 2019-20

$  3,000 Buckmaster Radio 12 months

$  3,700 Living Bird 4 issues

$    750 American Birding Assn travel guide

$  1,100 American Birding Assn website 12 months

$    660 Billboard rents

$  1,500 Ft. Bayard

$  7,350 Tucson Streetcar 3 months (will be reimbursed $3,675)

$      15 Domain Name renewal (next year $250)

3.  Sunny505 marketing in addition to Co-op Grant includes social media and digital ads They have a 
budget of $53,535 plus $15,000 for the grant.

4.  Other Business

5.  Next Regular Quarterly Meeting tentatively scheduled for October 17, 2019

6.  Adjourn

Note: In accordance with County Resolution 19-34, Work Session, Regular Meeting, and Special Meeting agendas may be altered up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting. Copies can be obtained from the Office of the County Manager.



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