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<-- All meeting agendas and minutes.


June 27, 2019 - Regular Meeting Agenda
JUNE 27, 2019
9:00 A.M.

I.       Call to Order

II.      Pledge of Allegiance & Salute to State Flag

III.    Approval of Regular Meeting Agenda

IV.    Elected Officials' Reports

V.     Recognition of Cobre High School Lady Indians Softball State Championship

a.   Cobre High School Lady Indians Softball State Championship Proclamation

VI.      Public Input
•     During this portion of our meeting, we welcome your suggestions and want to hear your
concerns. This is not a question and answer period; speakers will be limit ed to five (5) minutes.
Any indi vidual  who would  like to discuss an item in more depth may request  to be placed on a
future agenda.  Request  forms are  available  in the County Manager's Office.

VII.   Approval of Minutes

b.   June 11, 20 I 9 ,  Work Session Meeting Minutes

c.   June 13, 2019, Regular Meeting Minutes

VIII.  Financial Reports

d.    Consideration of June 20, 2019, Expenditure Report

IX.    New Business

e.    Consideration of Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) Board of Trustees Applicants

f.    Consideration of Lodgers Tax Advisory Board Applicants

g.    Consideration of Shooting Range Advisory Board Applicants

h.   Consideration of Tu Casa Advisory Board Applicants

X.     Agreements

i.   Consideration  of Agreement  No. A-19-26; Professional Services Agreement  between the Grant 
County DWI Program and Chris Helgert, DBA The Recovery Management Center

j.    Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-27; Grant Agreement between New Mexico Dept of Finance and 
Administration, Local Government  Division, for Fiscal Year 2020 E-911 Act Grant Program Grant

k.   Consideration  of Agreement No. A-19-28; Professional Services Agreement between the Sixth
Judicial District Court Pretrial Services Division and Luis Alvarado

1.    Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-29; and Financial Plan - Cooperative Services Agreement between Grant County and United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS-WS)

m.   Consideration  of  Agreement  No.  A-19-30;  Memorandum  of  Agreement  between  the County of
Grant and the Village of Santa Clara for Road Improvements Project

n.   Consideration  of  Agreement  No.  A-19-31;  Professional  Services  Agreement  between Grant 
County Continuum of Youth Services and Gary Stailey

o.   Consideration  of  Agreement  No.  A-19-32;  Professional  Services  Agreement  between Grant County Continuum of Youth Services and James Graham

p.   Consideration  of  Agreement  No.  A-19-33 ;  Professional  Services  Agreement  between Grant County and Bianca Padilla

XI.   Resolutions

q.   Consideration  of Resolution  No.  R-19-44;  Authorizing and  Approving  Submission  of a Completed Application for Financial Assistance and Project Approval to the New Mexico Financial Authority  for a Portion of  the Purchase of a Computer Aided  Dispatch (CAO) Software System

r.    Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-46;  Amending the Approved and Adopted Budget for the Fiscal  Year Commencing  July 1, 2018 and  for County  Purpose  in the County of Grant, Silver City, New Mexico Transferring and Appropriating Funds Thereof

XII.   Recess  as  the  Grant  County  Board  of  Commissioners  and  Convene  as  the  Grant
County Health Care Claims

s.    Consideration of May 2019, Health Claims

XIII.  Adjourn as the Grant County Health Care Claims Board and Reconvene as the Grant County
Board of Commissioners

XIV.      Commissioners Reports

XV.      Executive Session in Accordance with NMSA 1978 10-15-1 H

t.    Personnel  Matters Regarding County  Manager and Staff, Pursuant  to NMSA (1978) 10- 15-1 H  (2)

u.   Disposal of Real Property, Pursuant to NMSA (1978) 10-15-1 H (8)

XVI.      Any Action Necessary as a Result of Closed Executive Session

XVII.      Adjournment

Note: In accordance with County Resolution 19-34, Work Session, Regular Meeting, and Special Meeting agendas may be altered up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting. Copies can be obtained from the Office of the County Manager.



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