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Code Enforcement

Here is a brief look at the process taken every time a violation is reported to the Code Enforcement Office.

1. A street address or specific (such as the NE corner of Vine & 30th Street) is required.
We require that the person filling the complaint leave a name or number so that the Code Enforcement Office may contact them to gain required information to process the complaint. Once the complaint is taken the Code Enforcement Officer goes out to physically see the property and determine if any violations exist.

2. The property owners are then notified via mail informing them they have a specified amount of time to correct the violation or other actions may be taken against them.
Processing a complaint usually takes several days, but may extend even longer depending on the circumstances. It is generally requested that a complaint be allowed at least three weeks before any expected results.

Most citizens strive to comply with the Ordinances, but there are some that do not.

3. Depending on the situation, type and extent of the violation, there are some options available to achieve compliance.
The most common is voluntary compliance. Another one is to file a criminal complaint in Magistrate Court where the violator must appear before the judge and the decision is then made regarding assessed penalties and what steps will be taken to abate the violation. This process can take up to several months.

This is not a simple process and takes a sizable amount of time to complete. We appreciate your patience as citizens.

You are welcome to call at any time and check on the status of a certain complaint. The phone number to the Code Enforcement Office is (575) 574-0065 or (575) 313-7722 or by email at

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