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About the Grant County Airport

It is the mission of the Grant County Airport to provide a modern, safe, all-weather airport, enabling our community to take advantage of aviation services such as airline travel, emergency travel or services, easy access into and out of Grant County, as well as many other services, which enhance the quality of life in Grant County.

The Grant County Airport is owned and operated by the Grant County Commission. Built in 1951, Grant County Airport continues to provide a wide range of benefits to the citizen's of Grant County and Southwest New Mexico.

First-day cover from November 30, 1951 opening of
the Silver City - Grant County Airport, courtesy
of Bob Ingraham (see more below).

T- Hanger rental and ground leases (for those who wish to build their own hanger) are offered by the Grant County Airport. For availability and pricing contact the Airport Manager at the numbers listed below.

We have the only airline service in our corner of New Mexico, which is presently provided by Advanced Air. For schedules, pricing and reservation information, contact your local travel agent or call Boutique Air at 1-800-393-7035.

Grant County Airport is also home to the Gila National Forest Aerial FireBase and Fire Cache. Forest Fire fighting support is provided through out the Southwestern United States from this base.

Grant County provides Phillips Aviation Jet-A and Avgas fuels and is owned by Grant County. Contact information is listed below.

Boutique Air provides daily scheduled flights to Albuquerque, and can be reached at 415-449-0505.

Tenants at Grant County Airport:

Gila National Forest Aerial Fire Base: 575-538-2702
Grant County Fuel: 575-313-9784
Boutique Air: 855-268-8478
Blue Sky Aviation: 970-222-8585
Airport Manager Rebekah Wenger  575-388-4554

From Bob Ingraham, of Vancouver, BC:

The airport opened as the Silver City-Grant County airport on Friday, November 30, 1951, as reported on page one of the Dec. 6, 1951 edition of the Silver City Enterprise: "The dedication of the new Silver City-Grant County Airport last Friday and the following inauguration of regular Frontier Airline service on Saturday is history now, but it is important history."

I wasn't there (I was eight years old, and wasn't invited), but my dad was. He was editor of the Enterprise at the time, and wrote the article quoted above. He also got a ride in the jump seat of the DC-3 airliner that made the first Frontier Airlines landing at the airport. See the first-day cover above.

The error on your web page may well be just a typo, but I thought you might appreciate the correction, and perhaps a bit more detail.

Best regards,
Bob Ingraham, Vancouver

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